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FESS surgery- Instructions

Before surgery

  • Fasting (including drinking) from midnight, the night before surgery.
  • Before the operation you will be invited for an examination of an ear, nose and throat doctor specialist, an anesthesiologist, and a nurse.
  • You will then be referred to the ENT department, where you will meet the staff, you will receive instructions before surgery, and a bed to stay in the department.
  • If you are staying the night before surgery at the department, you will receive a sedative medicine for sleeping, as of recommendation by the anesthesiologist.

After surgery

  • About two hours after you arrive in the department you will be able to drink cold water and eat lukewarm and soft food.
  • It is forbidden to drink or eat hot food.
  • The release from the department, for the most part, is two days after the surgery
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