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General profilactic examination package

Complex preventive oncological screening package

General profilactic examination package

Cost for men\women – $850


  • Comprehensive medical examination by a specialist in internal medicine, cardiology, sport medicine.
  • Comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist, includes a test for intraocular pressure and visual acuity.
  • Gynecological examination, including trans-vaginal ultrasound examination.
  • Breast examination by a mammologist.

Laboratory tests

  • Detailed blood tests - general, biochemical, kidney and liver profile, blood proteins, lipid profile, thyroid hormone profile, blood clotting, vitamin B-12, folic acid.
  • CRP- an indicator of the inflammatory process and an additional criterion in the detection of vascular heart disease.
  • An assay for occult blood in the stool to detect rectal tumors.
  • Urinalysis for protein, sugar, blood to assess the function of the urinary system.
  • PAP: cervical cancer screening.
  • PSA: early screening test for prostate cancer.

Supporting tests

  • Evaluation of cardiac function, including an ECG test at rest and effort (ergometry) by a cardiologist / sports doctor.
  • Lung respiratory function assessment: spirometry.
  • Assessment of the lung condition: chest radiography with decoding of the expert radiologist.
  • Assessment of hearing: hearing test in a closed acoustic chamber.
  • Consultation with a clinical nutritionist.

Complex preventive oncological screening package

Package price for men / women - $1 750

Doctor’s consultation

General screening:

blood work
  • Interviews with a cancer prevention specialist (primary and final).
  • Skin cancer: skin examination by a plastic surgeon.
  • Oral cancer: maxillofacial surgeon’s examination.
  • Gastrointestinal cancer: gastroenterologist’s examination (if indicated).
  • Laryngo-pharyngeal and thyroid cancer: ENT doctor’s examination (if indicated).

Additional consultations

  • Evaluation of cardiac function a cardiologist / sports doctor.
  • Nutritionist’s consultation.
  • Ophthalmologist consultation.
  • *Onco-genetic consultation (if indicated) – additional price is $250.
  • Cancer of the cervix, ovaries, uterus, vagina: gynecologist’s examination, including trans-vaginal ultrasound.
  • Breast cancer: mammologist’s examination.
  • Cancer of the prostate, testicles, bladder: urologist’s examination.

Laboratory tests

  • Blood tests: CBC, blood proteins, CRP,kidney functions, liver functions, lipid profile, thyroid hormone, blood clotting, vitamin B-12, folic acid.
  • Tumor markers: PSA for prostate cancer; CA 125 for ovarian cancer; Calcitonin for medullary thyroid cancer; AFP for liver cancer and HCG for germ cell tumors, such as testicular and ovarian cancer; CEA or CA-19 for gasric\colorectal tumors.
  • Urinalysis: protein, sugar, blood, etc.
  • Occult blood stool test.
  • Cervical examination - PAP, HPV.

Additional examinations

  • Lung’s X-Ray.
  • Mammography (for women over 40).
  • ECG test at rest and effort (ergometry).
  • Body fat % checking.
  • Hearing test (in acoustic chamber).
  • Eye examination including examining the fundus of the eye, eye pressure, visual acuity.
  • Laryngoscopy.
  • Oral cavity panoramic X-ray.
  • *Lungs low intensity CT for smokers – additional price is $250.
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