The urology department at the Rambam Hospital performs a full range of urological operations using high-tech equipment that allows intraoperative imaging and navigation. The use of laparoscopic surgery methods has practically no contraindications and can be used to treat patients of different age groups.

In their practice, doctors of the Rambam Hospital extensively use minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical techniques.


  • Department of pediatric Urology
  • Department of onco-urology
  • Department of neuro-urology
  • Lithotripsy Clinic


  • Hypospadias
  • Testicular cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Urethral stricture
  • Peyronie's disease
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urinary stone disease
  • Impotence
  • Male infertility treatment
  • Female stress urinary incontinence treatment (TVT)
  • Prostatitis treatment
  • Malignant tumors of the urinary system
  • Benign prostate tumors (prostate adenoma)
  • Congenital urinary tract malformations
  • Kidney development abnormalities
  • Deviations in genital development
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Varicocele treatment
  • Phimosis
  • Sexual dysfunctions therapy
  • Male urinary incontinence treatment

An example of high-tech equipment used for treating urological diseases in Israel is the HM-3 remote lithotripter, which is the world's leading ureteric stone crushing equipment. The device is an advanced laser system designed specifically for stone pulverization.

The Department of Urology at the Rambam Hospital carries out clinical studies of new treatment methods, the staff regularly improves their qualifications, and many of the doctors teach at the Faculty of Medicine of the Haifa Technion University.


  • Urinary stone shock-wave treatment
  • Bladder reconstruction
  • Cystectomy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Robotic cystectomy
  • Partial cystectomy
  • Partial nephrectomy
  • Open prostatectomy
  • Robotic prostatectomy
  • FUS for early prostate cancer
  • Vesicovaginal fistula repair (including post-radiative)
  • Endometriosis with lesions of the urinary tract treatment
  • Condyloma laser treatment
  • Synergistic treatment of bladder cancer (preheating MMC + RFA)
  • Brachytherapy
  • Prostate TURP
  • "Dr. Robot" by Da Vinci


  • Urography
  • Pelvic floor muscle electromyography (EMG)
  • Selective angiography
  • Neurophysiological tests
  • Doppler ultrasound tests
  • Measurement of the P-300 Wave
  • Night erection test (penis stiffness measurement with RigiScan)

The urology department's highly qualified medical staff and modern equipment make it possible to perform all kinds of urological procedures and operations and guarantee the highest quality.

Leading specialists

Prof. Gilad E. Amiel
Prof. Gilad E. Amiel
Director, Department of Urology.
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