Cancer Treatment at Rambam Medical Center, Israel

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Israel

The Rambam Hospital is one of Israel's largest medical centers that offers specialized prostate cancer treatment.

Rambam Hospital uses modern diagnostic methods to identify prostate cancer. The center's specialists always monitor the progress of the treatment, revise the diagnosis when necessary, and adjust the treatment plan. As for the treatment itself, preference is given to minimally invasive organ-saving surgeries, which help to preserve the patient's masculine health and quality of life.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a common oncological disease, which typically affects middle-aged and elderly men. The incidence of prostate cancer averages at 145-150 cases for every 100,000 people. In other words, prostate cancer is diagnosed in 15% of men over the course of their lives. The risk of the disease increases after reaching the age of 50 and rises with aging.

Effective treatment methods allow achieving a 90-100% five-year survival rate for patients with locally spread prostate cancer that did not metastasize and affect other organs. In comparison, the five-year survival rate for metastatic prostate cancer is 28%.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Israel: Methods

The exact prostate cancer treatment depends on the stage of the disease. There are several commonly used treatment methods: surgery, radiotherapy (irradiation of the tumor) and drug treatment (chemotherapy). In the vast majority of cases, a radical prostatectomy can completely free the patient from the tumor at an early stage of the disease.

The Rambam Medical Center uses the latest surgical technology for treating prostate cancer - prostatectomy performed by a Da Vinci robotic surgical unit. This is the least traumatic method and it significantly reduces the risk of postoperative complications compared to open prostatectomy. Robotic surgery ensures the precise and safe removal of prostate cancer, with minimal risk of blood vessels and nerves damage.

  • Highly intensive focused ultrasound or HIFU
  • Targeted LU PSMA radionuclide therapy
  • Radiotherapy
    The Rambam Medical Center uses the most advanced radiotherapy methods, such as IMRT (modulated intensity radiotherapy) and brachytherapy with the direct injection of microsources of radiation into the prostate tissue.
  • Hormonal therapy and chemotherapy
    Hormonal therapy and chemotherapy are used to slow down tumor growth and prolong the patient's life. The choice of treatment is made by the doctor for each patient, taking into account many factors, including diagnostic examinations.
  • Brachytherapy
    Brachytherapy is a type of radiotherapy. This method involves the implantation of a radioactive source directly in the tissue of the prostate gland. For this purpose, small radioactive grains are used, which are injected into prostate tissues. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and under ultrasound control. Brachytherapy is an effective and reliable way of treating prostate cancer, and it is less likely to cause complications than conventional radiotherapy.
  • Prostatectomy
    Radical removal of the prostate gland is appropriate for patients with localized malignant prostate tumors that do not affect the neighboring organs. In the generalized process, preference is given to conservative methods: radio and hormone therapy. At the same time, prostatectomy can also be performed in the late stages of prostate cancer if the patient has severe symptoms of dysuria that cannot be treated conservatively.
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