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Rambam Hospital - the right choice for treatment in Israel

Located in Israel's north, the Rambam Health Care Campus is a one thousand bed academic hospital that provides comprehensive medical services for adults and children in all fields of medicine. We offer the entire spectrum of patient care to our international patients, from cutting-edge diagnostic procedures and therapies to the most advanced pharmaceutical drugs.

Whether you are seeking cancer treatment in Israel at the hands of Israel's leading oncologists or an affordable surgery aided by the latest technologies, Rambam Hospital is able to provide you with the optimal solutions contemporary medical science has to offer..


Dear patients,
We understand that timely treatment is crucial for cancer and other medical conditions. Despite the ongoing war, Israeli hospitals remain committed to aiding patients globally. Our facilities are prepared for wartime conditions, and our medical staff is ready to assist.
Additionally, the current situation has enabled us to offer remote consultations with top specialists in various fields such as cardiology, cardio-surgery, hematooncology, gynecology-oncology, urooncology, breast cancer, gastro-oncology, endocrinology, melanoma, and sarcomas, which were previously unavailable.
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Rambam Hospital Stats:*

  • 1011 beds+51 day care
  • 1,048 physicians
  • 1,639 Nurses
  • 1,031 allied health care professionals
  • 1,300 household and administrative staff
  • 5,018 – total employees
  • 61 Inpatient departments
  • 73 Specialty departments
  • 40 Medical institutes
  • 25 Central laboratories
  • 55,359 Surgeries
  • 91,025 Inpatient admissions
  • 687,750 Outpatient visits
  • 267,974 Imaging procedures
  • 1,473,789 Laboratory procedures
  • 440 New research projects instituted annually by over 275 physician-researchers, with 1,626 active research projects
  • Major medical research/device collaborations with Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, GE, Insightec, Given Imaging, Biosense Webster, and more
  • Rambam HCC is partner to a newly found digital health incubator MindUp, together with Pitango, IGM, and Medtronic

* Statistics based on data as of December 2018

Rambam's Leading Medical Departments:

Oncology , ENT surgery , Hematology , Neurosurgery ,General Surgery , Pediatrics , Cardiology , Neurology, , IVF and more.

Extraordinary Heart-Related Rambam Innovations

Medical tourism: Israel ranks #1 in both facility and service factors among medical tourists (IHRC report 2016)

mti Due to the increasing number of patients seeking international care, medical tourism is steadily becoming ever more popular. However, despite its growing demand, little data can be found regarding the varying success rates of participating countries. The advent of the Medical Tourism Index (MTI) seeks to remedy this issue. Due to the development of an exhaustive eight-step procedure, the MTI can now assess the attractiveness of participating countries as medical tourist destinations

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Surgeons Implant Revolutionary New Device To Treat Heart Failure

first patient More than 23 million people worldwide suffer from diastolic heart failure, a condition in which the heart fails to pump sufficient oxygenated blood to meet the body’s needs. Scientists around the globe have been looking for an effective treatment for this condition for years.
Now, a unique device developed by Israeli company CorAssist gives new hope to those who suffer from this medical condition. Recently, Israel’s Rambam Hospital was the first to use this device in a 72-year-old Canadian man admitted specifically for this procedure.


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