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Israel Ranks #1

Due to the increasing number of patients seeking international care, medical tourism is steadily becoming ever more popular. However, despite its growing demand, little data can be found regarding the varying success rates of participating countries. The advent of the Medical Tourism Index (MTI) seeks to remedy this issue. Due to the development of an exhaustive eight-step procedure, the MTI can now assess the attractiveness of participating countries as medical tourist destinations.


Consisting of three major dimensions (country, industry, and facility/personnel), MTI statistically calculates the capabilities of medical tourism around the world. Now an international reference point used by individuals, public policymakers, the healthcare industry, the tourism industry, and numerous large and small health organizations, MTI conducts a comprehensive opinion survey to compare and contrast the medical tourism merits of thirty countries worldwide.


A 2016 medical tourism report tells us that Israel ranks #3 as an overall destination, and #1 for its facilities and services.

Rank Country MTI Overall Country Environment Facility & Services
1 Canada 76.62 78.69 77.01
2 United Kingdom 74.87 77.3 76.94
3 Israel 73.91 67.56 81.6
4 Singapore 73.56 73.26 76.63
5 India 72.1 63.26 77.1
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