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Rambam Hospital Patient Testimonials

This page provides several testimonials written by patients at Rambam Hospital.
The feedback of our patients about their treatment at Rambam will enable you evaluate our services, not through articles loaded with medical terminology, but from the real-life experiences of people like yourself.
The words of the patients we were able to help are the best indicator of our achievements

Rambam Doctors Cured My Daughter

"My daughter’s disease symptoms manifested themselves suddenly, just before her final school exams. She underwent routine blood tests, which showed the presence of serious problems in the hematopoietic organs. Her pediatrician advised us to travel to a superior clinic in Moscow. However, her symptoms did not respond to the treatment offered by the leading Russian specialists. We were then told that there was no hope for her.
Desperate, we went on to request treatment quotes from many hospitals in Israel and Europe. Following the advice of relatives, we also applied to Rambam Hospital in Haifa. Something about the hospital’s seafront location and the conversation we had with medical consultant Svetlana Rubin made us decide to go there. I am a person who relies heavily on intuition, and my intuition told me that my daughter would be cured at Rambam.
Sure enough, her stem cell transplant procedure was successful. My daughter’s body accepted the cells and began to produce healthy blood cells of its own. I am very grateful to her physician, Dr. Tsila Tsukerman, who restored my beautiful girl to full health. She is now back in school and back to the dance classes she loves!”
-E. M., St. Petersburg.

Thank You, Dr. Kakishwili!

Four years ago, I started having problems urinating, so I eventually decided to apply to your hospital. I had learned about Rambam Hospital on the Internet. From the moment I arrived, I found myself in the care of skillful professional specialists and amazing doctors - especially Dr. David Kakishwili. I was sent to diagnostics immediately, and underwent a successful surgery. Throughout the duration of my stay, I was provided great food and enjoyed a welcoming atmosphere. I am happy to report that I now feel like my old self once again!
-B.K., Russia

I Beat Stomach Cancer in Israel!

I was initially treated for an ulcer in my own country, but after two months, they said it was cancer. I was then told that I would have to endure three rounds of chemotherapy and undergo an operation to remove my stomach. All of this, without even the assurance that I would survive! (Besides this condition, I also have heart problems and a pacemaker.)
I was not happy with this solution, so my daughter looked for another place for me to seek treatment. Through a friend's advice, we discovered Rambam, and we are not sorry In the least! The Israeli experts had to remove three-quarters of my stomach, but they managed to do it and to keep it functioning. It wasn't an easy operation, but thank God, the doctors were very good. Dr. Kluger performed my operation, and everything went smoothly. The first thing I remember right after my surgery is him giving me a big thumbs-up! Because of Rambam Hospital, I’m still alive and kicking!
-H. T., Bulgaria

Thank You & Regards to all Team

Dear Dr Rubin Good evening, my family arrived safe and sound last night.
We want to thank you & your all Team each one of them from our bottom of the heart - Yana, doctors & Vika for all the support they gave during the visit.

We walked in with many questions in our mind about our twins health & came with all answers what we expected from RAMBAM MEDICAL CENTRE.

We feel we did right choice of visiting to your Hospital for the wellness of our children’s it was a worth a visit.

In further too we will be visiting if needed for Medical Assistance or consultation hope you all will accommodate our visit request in future.

Saying the above kindly convey our personal thank and regards to your hospital management and rest of the Team members for all the good work for mankind.

Keep up the good working going !!!!!!! God bless you all
Warm Regards
John Monterio & Family

MRI-g FUS Procedure- thank you letter

Dr Rubin,
This is to show my immense gratitude to all the team that either participated or assisted in the above procedure undergone for me last Monday 16/04/18 at Haifa's Rambam Hospital.
Your success and professionalism were beyond my wildest expectation and retuned hope and quality of life to my tremor-battled Parkinson's Disease condition.

The following health practitioners can not go unrecognized:
Dr Schlessinger, Professor Zaaroor, Dr Schriver, Dr Rubin, Dr Sinai, MRI Olga, Marina Godeeva, Luba Goldberg, all the nurses and personnel at Neurosurgical Department and any other person working behind the scenes that made my experience unforgettable.

To all of you THANK YOU (Toda raba) !!!


G.B. from Norway

I would recommend Rambam medical hospital for its profound and genuine interest for the medical profession. They have amongst others received a Nobel Prize for scientific research. Top state of the art medical equipment and professional doctors in all level of medicine. You are in good hands here.

Y. Parkinson's treatment

Dear Dr. Rubin,
I wanted to thank everyone for the amazing service and the new meds seem to be working.

Thanks Y.

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