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What is the Diagnostic Service?

The Diagnostic Service offers an examination that covers all aspects of the patient’s overall health.

Who is this program recommended for?

  1. Patients with a variety of symptoms but no definite diagnosis.
  2. Patients with multiple diagnoses, the treatment of which requires coordination.
  3. Patients who are seeking treatment for a specific problem, but also want ensure that they are not facing other health issues.
  4. Relatively healthy individuals who would like to undergo a preventive examination in order to ensure that their health is fully controlled prior to returning to their home country.

The program is ran by Dr. Fuad Basis, the Deputy Head Physician of the Hospital - an expert in the fields of Diagnostic , Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Fuad Basis
Dr. Fuad Basis
Deputy Head Physician of Rambam hospital

Expert in the fields of Diagnostic , Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine

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