Cancer Treatment at Rambam Medical Center, Israel

Linear Accelerators (LINAC) for Tumor External Beam Radiation Treatment

Prof. Rahamim Ben Yosef
Prof. Rahamim Ben Yosef
The head of the radiation therapy department. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Senior Oncologist.
Specialization: Radiation therapy

Linear accelerators (LINAC) provide a safer and more effective way of treating benign and malignant tumors with radiation therapy. These innovative devices designed to treat tumors implement the most advanced technical solutions of dosimetric planning and imaging when treating cancer cells.

Linear accelerators

Our Radiation therapy Department is equipped with four linear accelerators that support electron or photon radiation.


Axesse accelerators manufactured by the Swedish company Elekta have already been put into operation in the oncology department of the Rambam Hospital. The LINACs allow to increase the accuracy and speed of irradiation and significantly improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment. The new LINACs are a great addition to the range of linear accelerators in the Radiology Department, where radiation therapy is conducted under the guidance of Professor Rami Ben Yosef.


High penetration capacity

The new LINAC linear accelerator allows the fractions to be directed at the tumor without damaging healthy tissue. With its unique radiation control system, high accuracy and speed, it makes it possible to minimize the side effects of radiation therapy.

All kinds of benign and malignant tumors

The new system makes it possible to treat all types of benign and malignant tumors that require radiation therapy regardless of their size, without damaging any healthy organs in the vicinity of the treated area. Patients in need of radiation therapy for cancer treatment who previously could not complete the treatment due to a variety of side effects can now undergo a full course of treatment without any interruptions

Outstanding precision

The new LINAC features an advanced simulation system that can be used to monitor the patient's body position throughout the entire procedure. Cancer radiation therapy is often complicated by the fact that some tumors are in motion due to breathing. The simulation system provides targeted irradiation of moving tumors, e.g. in the lungs and other internal organs. With the help of modern technologies, a special computer tomography of the tumor is performed, which guarantees the irradiation of the entire tumor throughout its entire range of motion.

The highest radiation rate

The highest radiation rate allows to reduce exposure time for some patients.

Fewer radiotherapy sessions

The new LINAC offers more precise beam focusing makes as few as 3 sessions of 18 Gy enough. This new approach has shown an unexpectedly high therapeutic effect: the recovery rate for certain lung cancers has increased from 10% to 90% (!).

Easier irradiation of brain tumors

In the past, a heavy metal helmet was placed on the patient's head to focus the beam needed for irradiation of primary brain tumors or metastases. The new system uses a lightweight plastic mask that makes the procedure comfortable for the patient. As the treatment lasts several hours, this modification is important for the patient's well-being.

Radiosurgery in one session.

In addition to its use in radiotherapy, the new linear accelerator is used in radiosurgery where a powerful radiation stream cuts the tumor or metastases out of the tissue. This is usually a one-time procedure as opposed to radiotherapy, which needs to be performed several times. After such a high dose of radiation, the tumor gradually dies: it either disappears with time or stops growing.

Computerized Cancer Treatment Hospital System

In addition to the acquisition of the new LINACs, the entire computerized cancer treatment system in the oncology department was upgraded and adapted to the new device's capabilities. This system is unique - it can be used to plan treatment and radiation doses based on the type of tissue to be treated. It is also one of the most advanced computer systems in the field of radiation therapy, and Rambam is the only hospital in Israel where it is used.

The Cost of Radiotherapy at Rambam Hospital

Treatment Code 1 Code 2 Code 3
SRS/SBRTI/SFRT method $ 40,500 - -
Brain $ 31,500 $ 18,000 $ 4,500
Head and neck $ 36,750 - -
Vocal cords - - $ 9,000
Mummary glands $ 24,900 $ 15,000 $ 6,750
Digestive system $ 26,250 $ 15,000 -
Urology-Prostate $ 29,400 - -
Urology- bladder - $ 19,200 -
Gynocology $29,400 $ 9,000 -
Soft tissues $ 24,750 $ 10,500 -
Skin $ 24,750 $ 10,500 $ 4,500
Bones $ 24,750 $ 10,500 $ 4,500
Hematology $ 13,500 $ 6,000 -
TNA $ 27,000 - -
TSEI $ 54,000 - -
TBI $ 15,000 - -


  1. Code 1 includes modeling on VMAT/IMRT, use of ABC.
  2. Code 2 includes 3D modeling, several fields
  3. Code 3 includes simple 3D modeling, palliative care

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