Department of Ophthalmology

Rambam Medical Center's Department of Ophthalmology offers a wide range of ophthalmic procedures and interventions:

  • Cataract surgery
  • Glaucoma surgery
  • Cornea transplantation
  • Keratoplasty – a cornea restoration procedure that involves removing congenital and acquired cornea defects
  • Oculoplasty - eyelids, lacrimal ducts and eye orbit treatment
  • Retina treatment
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology: strabismus treatment, surgical treatment of congenital defects and deformities

List of procedures and prices

Procedure Price $
Extraocular muscle surgery to repair strabismus 9,750
Lens extracapsular extraction, cataract 5,500
Excision of secondary membrane, insertion prosthetic lens (lens cost included) 6,300
Keratoplasty (cornea cost not included) 11,200
Vitrectomy 13,150
Insertion of aqueous drainage device (eye) antrior chamber 8,550
Trabeculectomy 6,090
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