Medical internships in Israel

The successes of the Israeli healthcare system are related to a great degree with its exposure and relations with the world medical community. The experts and professionals of Rambam Medical Center, the largest hospital in the North of Israel, willingly share their know-hows, state of-the-art technologies and their own developments with colleagues from around the globe.

For this aim, Rambam Medical Center initiates training and internship programs in priority areas of modern medicine - from highly efficient IVF protocols to latest cancer treatment methods.

The Rambam hospital is a medical and research state institution, which develops also flexible, tailor made training programs. The duration of such professional training may vary from several days to six months - depending on the chosen fields and the learning objectives.

It is worth noting also the training programs for nursing staff, students of medical institutions as well as hospital management course for administrative staff. Internships in the Rambam Medical Center are carried out in close cooperation with research institutes affiliated to the hospital, providing doctors from other countries a unique opportunity to not only to learn about the latest international research programs, but also to participate in their development.

Just send us an email at or contact us by phone +972-4-826-7111 and we will provide you with all relevant details regarding documents and further actions required for an internship in the Rambam Medical Center.

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Medical internships in Israel
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