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Sleep apena treatment with coblation method

Many patients turn to the ENT clinic due to difficulty breathing through the nose, which makes daily life difficult, sometimes disrupting the sense of smell and restricting physical activity .Most of cases an obstruction of the nose is caused by enlarged lower nasal turbines or a deviated of the nasal septum or both. Patients have improve nasal airway just by reducing the lower turbinates. For this, there are several methods. At Rambam Hospital, effectively treat nasal obstruction, reducing the lower nasal turbinates by cobaltion technique. It is a short procedure, done under local anesthesia, and the recovery from it is quick. This is done in the hospital clinic.

What is the method of coblation?

Coblation technology allows the removal of tissue in a controlled manner and without the use of extreme heat. This method uses the energy of radio waves to intercept electrolytes in a conductive medium, such as a saline solution, thus creating a plasma. Plasma is a dense energy field composed of many free electrolytes moving independently. The chemical interaction between the plasma energetic particles and the tissues of the body produces little warmth and effectively decomposes the tissue into its basic molecules and the gases. This process is performed at low temperatures (40-70 degrees) while maintaining healthy tissues around.

How the procedure is done?

  • The patient is admitted to the ENT clinic in the outpatient clinic building.
  • The doctor interviews the patient, examines him, and explains the procedure. .
  • The clinic nurse measures vital signs for the patient and accompanies him with the doctor until he leaves the clinic for his home. .
  • Treatment will be performed by a senior physician. After local anesthesia of nasal turbinates, the cobaltion device is activated as a thin pencil that burns several points in the nasal cavity. This is done on both sides of the nose. .
  • The patients will be in the clinic about an hour after the treatment and will be discharged after a nurse and doctor examination. .
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