7 nights at the Dead Sea - special offer

The Dead Sea, the sea of salt, located at Earth’s lowest elevation point, is one of the strangest places in the world. Vast and lifeless, its mineral-rich waters paradoxically offer life-giving therapy for a variety of human ailments.

This strikingly beautiful wonder of nature is one of the world’s very first health resorts, frequented by such ancient royally as King Herod the Great and Queen Cleopatra, who attributed her famed beauty to the healing powers of this sea.

dead sea

Special offer: Seven nights at Hotel Isrotel-Ganim on the shores of the Dead Sea

Isrotel-Ganim is a four-star hotel and resort located on the coast of the Dead Sea, in a region known as Ein Bokek. There are shopping centers, beaches, spas, and restaurants in close proximity to the hotel.

Special rates with this offer- If you book 7 nights, the discounted price is:

  • $193 per night for 1 person (Standard room)
  • $228 per night for 2 people (Standard room)

The price includes breakfast and dinner.

In a standard room, the hotel’s amenities consist of a double bed, air-conditioning, cable TV, a telephone, and a bathroom with a shower or bathtub.

Access to the hotel spa is included in the stay.

dead sea

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