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Dr. Grayb Nabil

Dr. Grayb Nabil
Dr. Grayb Nabil
Orthopedic Surgeon

Education: MD

Experience: 8 years

Faculty: Faculty of Medicine at the Technion

Languages: Hebrew, English

Specialization: knee and hip replacement


Dr. Nabil graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion and completed his specialization in orthopedic surgery at the Orthopedic Department of Rambam in 2010. He then completed his advanced training course in endoprosthetics at the Toronto Western Hospital in Canada.

In addition to that, Dr. Grayb Nabil took an advanced training course in repeated endoprosthetics and hip infection treatment.

Dr. Nabil improved his qualification by taking dozens of courses in Israel and abroad. He also studied problems related to endoprosthetics and knee joint injuries at the Endo-Klinik Hospital in Hamburg, Germany.

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