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Dr. Salem Billan, MD

	Dr. Salem Billan
Dr. Salem Billan
Head-Neck Unit Manager, Oncology Division, Head Center, Oncology of Head and
Neck, Head and Neck Disease Center

Specialization:  Dr. Billan is the Senior Physician and the Head of the Head-Neck Unit at the Oncology Division of the Rambam Health Care Campus.

Education: Dr. Billan specialized in oncology at Rambam Medical Center, Haifa.

Clinical Experience: An initiator of revolutionary clinical research projects, Dr. Billan partakes in international protocols to test new drugs in head-neck tumors.

Research and Academic Activities: Dr. Billan’s research focus areas encompass innovative radiation techniques in head and neck tumors and the integration of biological and chemotherapy treatments with radiation therapy.

Professional Activity: Dr. Billan is a member of the Radiotherapy Group of the European Association for the Study of Cancer Treatment (EORTC), as well as the Mediterranean Cancer Association (AROME).

Social Activity: Dr. Billan has published an impressive number of articles in leading newspapers and journals. He is often invited to deliver lectures in Israel and abroad.

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