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Prof. Mark Eidelman, MD

Prof. Mark Eidelman
Prof. Mark Eidelman
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Pediatric Orthopedics Unit

Specialization: Prof. Eidelman has worked in the Pediatric Orthopedic Unit at Rambam since 2002. His main areas of orthopedic interest are limb-lengthening and deformity corrections, clubfoot corrections, pelvic osteotomies, and pediatric trauma.

Education: In 1985, Prof. Eidelman graduated with honors from the Samarkand School of Medicine in the former USSR. He immigrated to Israel in 1990, whereupon he completed his orthopedics residency at Rambam Medical Center. Dr. Eidelman additionally completed a fellowship at Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, in 2002.

Clinical Experience: Prof. Eidelman was the first to introduce the Taylor Spatial Frame in Israel, beginning in 2003.

Professional Activity: Prof. Eidelman holds membership in the Israeli Orthopedic Association and the European Pediatric Orthopedics Society.

Social Activity: A clinical lecturer at the Technion Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Eidelman is also the author of 18 scientific articles.

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